Sunday, November 14, 2004

ZMG's Review of The Incredibles

First off the bat, I want to say that I've changed my mind about guns. Lets get more guns out there. Bazookas, Flame Throwers, Machine guns, Rocket Launchers, Surface to Air Missiles. WHATEVER!! Just get out there and wipe out those DAMN DEER!!! I'm talking NATIONWIDE BAMBI-CIDE!!!

Now, onto the movie. Good film. Definitely one of the best superhero movies this year. Easily better than The Punisher and Spider-Man 2. I wouldn't recommend it for children under 10 years old, but its definitely a good one. Definite franchise material. If they don't make a sequel or a trilogy out of this one, I would be very disappointed.

Highlights of the film:
  • A reference to Jason Lee's character Brodie from several Kevin Smith films.
  • Some really well choreographed action scenes reminiscent of X2.
  • An intelligent villain with relatively intelligent soldiers and a hot assistant that screws him over twice. Why twice? Because Syndrome's an ex-comic book geek. How would he ever be able to get someone that hot again?
  • Superheroes with the standard level of family dysfunction.
  • An honest look at superhero costume design. With my own LARPing experience I can really understand the "No Capes!" part.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as a relatively weak but damn smooth superhero.
  • An insurance agent gets chucked through several walls. Very cathartic.

Not really much of a downside to this movie. Very little cheese. I would have liked to seen more of Jackson's character, Frozone, near the end, but there's definitely room for more of that if they come out with a sequel. Also, in regards to the woman with the elastic abilities, those had to be the three easiest births in the history of child birth.

Final Grade: A

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Anonymous said...

No time to go and sign up for an account and all, but I would like to say that I LOVED that movie. Then again, I am sort of a sucker for anything related to comic books/super heros/etc. that is done well. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see something come out of Hollywood that wasn't the same re-hashed plot of a thousand different movies before it or a sequal.


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