Wednesday, April 13, 2005

ZMG's Review of Sin City

First let me apologize to my faithful readers for my absense. My world it pretty hectic now that I'm trying to finish everything up for my Capstone.. but I do get a chance to get away from everything now and then. Like I did when I went to see Sin City this past weekend.

In a word: Wow.

I can now see why Frank Miller finally allowed someone to make this into a movie. This was an awesome display of what Hollywood is capable of if they set their minds to it. It was truly one of the best movies I've seen in a while. It THIS kind of movie that gives comic book writers the mainstream respect they deserve when they come up with a great comic book. Hopefully the other studios will pay attention and grow up a little before they try to pump out another Son of the Mask out of their collective asses.

Honestly, if you were to rate all action movies based on four categories -- gratuitous sex, gratuitous violence, writing, and special effects -- Sin City raises the bar in all four categories. It is not for the weak of heart even though all the blood in the film is a bright white instead of red. The artistic feeling throughout the film is truly magnificent. It shows only what it need to show and shows color only when there needs to be color. The stories are grim and intertwined on a very minimal level. The heroes find victory on levels they can accept even though they can't always achieve a complete victory and the battles they fight blur the lines between sinner and saint moreso than any other movie has.

Highlights of the film include:
  • Lots of beautiful naked women
  • Lots of great violence from well developed characters
  • A hilarious scene involving a human shish-ka-bob
  • A nice conversation-with-a-dead-body scene directed by Quentin Tarantino
  • One manual castration
  • One serious psycho that would give Hannibal Lecter a run for his money
  • One human pez dispenser
Final Grade: A-

This is a movie worth seeing once or twice.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

On Disease, Dying and Death

Well the Pope is dead. Now if only the religion went with him. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll promote Cardinal Law to the position and everyone will realize how truly fucked up the whole supernatural political system is.

Actually with The Pope and Terri Schiavo dead, I've been forced to consider the ravages of age. I mean, why aren't there any good diseases or good effects of getting older? Why is it that diseases and age only serve to debilitate and disable.

I think we should try and create a disease that helps people lose weight or maybe an airborne bacteria that allows people to have the potential to have more productive sexual experiences. Why is there no form of cancer that gives a person a six-pack of abdonimal muscles?

Just random thoughts for now.

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