Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yes Dammit, That's my Final Answer!

Here's the idea for the next century. This will get rid of the bible-thumpers once and for all.

I've been trying to think about why people still take the church seriously anymore. Then it came to me. Charity work. Churches raise .. or rather, claim to raise money for the underprivileged all the time. It would only seem that out of self-interest that these underprivileged people would want to keep the churches around

So here's what we do.

All these homosexuals, atheists, pro-choicers and everyone else that have been shunned by the Church and the mother inferior need to get together and start doing fund rasiers. Raising money for those in dire straights, printing t-shirts with rainbows on them for those without clothing, food drives, getting aid to those who need it. Demonstrate to these people that being in "God's good graces" is not a prerequisite to being a charitable and honorable human being. Prove to them that you are not anti-family and the message will start to sink in.

Maybe they could even send atheistic missionaries off to foreign lands. Wouldn't that be an awesome sight? Sending aid and comfort without requiring these people to take "good christian names" or convert to any religion... because they don't have one! I, for one, would love to see the faces on the christian missionary's faces when they realize they aren't the only shop in town anymore. And because this group wouldnt be printing out bibles or making engraven images of a dead Aryan on a stick, this group will be able to send a higher percentage of donated money to those who really need it.

Give the church some real competition in the do-gooder business and I guarantee you within 50 years, people will stop listening to all these dumbass bible-thumpers. Either that or the church will actually try and pass legislation prohibiting atheists and homosexuals and pro-choicers from doing charitable work and then the world will see these fools for who they really are.

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