Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Creationism vs Astronomy

According to the Bible, the first thing God created was light in the form of the Sun. Then over the next 5 and a half days, God supposedly created the rest of the Universe. Bullshit.

And here's why...

First we'll assume God had the full six days to create the Universe after creating light. Just for Argument's sake.

6 days = 144 hours = 8640 minutes = 518400 seconds.

The fastest velocity possible in the physical universe is the speed of light. The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second.

This means that the total length God could have travelled in any one direction after creating light was (518400 x 299,792,458) 155,412,410,227,200 meters (155.41 trillion meters).

The nearest star is Alpha Centauri. Alpha Centauri is approximately 4.3 light years from the sun.

4.3 light years = 40,680,272,141,500,000 meters (40.68 quadrillion meters).

So you see, God could not have travelled to the next star over, let alone complete construction on the enitre universe in a mere 6 days.. or 7 days.. or 31 days. It would have taken someone 1570.54 days travelling at light speed to reach the closest star to our Solar System.

by the way, 1570.54 days = 4.3 years

Also if you want to realize how stupid creationism is, all you need to realize is that evolution has been piling on the evidence since day one and yet nothing has been found to be created out of dust since that fable began 2000 years ago except for a continual requirement for housekeeping supplies, french maid outfits and cement - which, by the way is where all bibles should be encased before being thrown once and for all to the bottom of the ocean.

In closing, I would like to add that I would allow Biology books to have stickers saying that the theories within are educated truths based on reproducible and available quantifiable facts if the bibles in this country are required to have stickers on them saying that the stories contained within are truths based on fear tactics and 2000 yr old politics and have no basis in fact.


Tamzilla said...

Some more "liberal," or whatever the appropriate adjective is, Creationists think that the time God spent creating was longer--using the Old Testament passage (damned, no pun intended, if I can find it now), that a day is like a year to God (or something).

And then there's the idea that God's omnipotent, and can do as He damn well pleases, however He wants.

Yeah, I don't buy it either. I think it's just a device for feeling less alone in the universe. ;)

Chivid, God of Wisdom said...

Well, if God was really omnipotent, why would he need 6 days? If he truly is all-powerful, why couldn't he have done the whole thing in an hour? And why would God need a full day to rest afterwards? Sounds to me like God's a bit of a slacker.

The 6-day creationist plan really defines God as having limits which in turn pretty much wipes out the whole "I am all powerful" theory.

And there are still plenty of severe whackos out there who truly believe God took 6 literal days to create the universe approximately 6000 years ago. CNN Headline News interviewed one such wackjob during that whole stickers in the biology book crap.

Tamzilla said...

God took six days because that's how the ancient Israelites made the myth. :D

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