Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So, what did we learn today boys and girls?

The rights of minorities still hold second place to the bible. The homosexual community in the United States has my deepest sympathies.

The Electoral College is still NOT representative of the people's voice. If it was, we wouldn't be waiting on the outcome of 140,000 provisional ballots.

The all-inclusive term "Terrorism" has only scared maybe 2 million voters since 9/11 into submission.

America is slowly slipping into... well an "elitist society" would the wrong term to use since it implies that we are elite or better in regards to someone else.. I think "self-consumed crusader empire" would be a more appropriate fit.

America as a land of the free has failed. America as a land of economical, cultural and spiritual supremacists is now the norm. Hail the white Xtian masters.

My condolences to those individuals with cancer and other degenerative diseases. You'll have to wait at least another 4 years to gain any hope from stem cell research. Also my condolences to the feminist movement, your sexual freedoms will nnow be stripped from you because you thought that common sense could actually sway people. To people of other faiths, other than xtianity, you are now second and third class citizens.

I dont give a shit what Jeff Foxworthy says, there is NOTHING glorious about a lack of sophistication.


Tamzilla said...

Once again, I completely agree with you. (Imagine that.) What do you think of what he's been saying about "reaching out" to the Democrats? Sincere, or just more rhetoric about bringing together a nation he promised to unify four years ago (before he even more bitterly divided it)? "Unifier, not divider" my butt.

Also, do you think there'll be a backlash against high profile and widely publicized Hollywood involvement in the Democratic party? Will Ben Affleck finally shut the hell up?

Remember, kids, if we get nuked, it'll be where I live, not the Midwest/western East.... [laughs bitterly]

Eagerly awaiting your response,

Chivid, God of Wisdom said...

Its complete bullshit. He had plenty of time to be a unifier during his relection campaign. I honestly think he believes that the world will unify under his God and his fouth-reich bullshit. No one man will ever put this country in greater danger of being invaded than Mad King George. And let's face it, the man has 49% of the country against him so how many conservatives does an invading force REALLY have to kill to get rid of people like Bush comepletely?

They (China, Canada, Cuba, a European alliance, who ever) come in one night, bomb the shit out of everything south of Tennessee and east of Dallas and thats it, problem solved. With 75% of the Republican electoral votes gone in a heartbeat, Liberals don't have to get their hands dirty and just pick up the pieces.

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