Friday, July 31, 2009

Breaking Down Religious Stupidity Part 4

Ahhhh, the final Ron Wyatt clip. This one will be short, which is good because I've got other videos waiting in line since I've been starting these and I want to try my hand at another level of stupid soon.

But now the final of the three Ron Wyatt films sent to me:


0:00 - 2:30 - Open sesame!

2:31 - 3:45 - Scripture of the exodus and geography. It should be noted that no ancient egyptian text makes claim to any such event occurring. No plagues. No mass slave revolt. No chase through the desert. Nothing.

3:46 - 4:15 - Evil, evil Muslims removed the pillar that marked place where Ron Wyatt thinks the Red Crossing occurred - even though all it showed is that other people who thought the crossing occurred there could have put the pillar there.

4:16 - 5:27 - Oh, look. An oasis with a bunch of wells. This must be the place the bible was talking about because there's no way any other people could have dug wells or planted palm trees, in the past 2500 years since the exodus.

5:28 - 6:21 - More geography. More scripture. No evidence.

6:22 - 8:06 - The Rock at Horeb. We found a big rock split down the middle and then drew a picture of what it would look like if water were gushing out of it. We're claiming there was water erosion coming from the rock, even though we're not testing any of the stuff we found.

8:07 - 8:39 - Look, a bunch of rocks. Wyatt claims these rocks must have been placed there by Moses and his people. Any evidence to support this? Are you kidding? The Goonies had more to go on than this.

8:40 - 9:56 - The dark rock at the top of the mountain is direct evidence of where God took a huge dump and wiped his cosmic ass on it. Because y'know shadows on the top of a mountain are entirely unheard of. Of course any hard evidence to be found here is on the other side of the evil, evil muslim gate so we should just take Ron Wyatt's word on this.

9:57 - 10:19 - And now we're going to waste time showing the sign and the guard post on Google Earth. Oooooh.

10:20 - 10:33 - Now we look at a bunch of graffiti on a rock. This menorah image was obviously carved thousands of years old even though there isn't a shred of evidence to support this claim.

10:34 - 10:41 - Another Ron Wyatt artifraud. Its a potential piece of a millstone that might have ground up possibly manna that might have existed if the imaginary sky genies had supplied it. Again this obviously couldn't have been left by any one else in the past 2500 years because only ancient jews had the secret of millstone technology. That's why the Egyptians were chasing them down in the Charlton Heston film.

10:42 - 11:37 - Google earth shows us a bunch of rocks that the video claims was an animal pen for sacrifices. Because once again, no other people could have built anything out of rocks either before or after the events being sought after. You know, even when I believed in God, I don't think I ever had enough faith to swallow this much bullshit.

11:38 - 11:48 - We pick up a black rock. Because discoloration never occurs naturally in rocks. Especially areas with high volcanic activity or oil deposits.

11:49 - 13:55 - Another pile of rocks. The video claims this is where the evil Jews built the golden calf. More graffiti on the rock that couldn't have been placed there prior or after the event is all the video offers as evidence. "These marks are unique to Saudi Arabia" as confirmed by another unnamed, generic Saudi Archaeologist.

Ever notice when Ron attempts to get confirmation for anything that would otherwise be met with intense skepticism, there is always an unnamed lab or professional around to confirm these wild accusations. Maybe it has something to do with the reality that everyone Ron Wyatt has worked with in the past, whose names are given, have also come out to expose Ron Wyatt as a fraud.

13:56 - 14:20 - Now everyone should feel bad for Ron Wyatt because he wouldn't get the proper documents before going into Saudi Arabia and wound up in prison for 3 months.

14:20 - 18:42 - Nothing left but speculation and feel good crap about the ten commandments and the ark of the covenant. That's it.

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