Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breaking Down Religious Stupidity Part 3

Upon watching this next Ron Wyatt film, I thought this was going to take forever to review. I already wanted to cut back since the Noah's Ark video took such a long article to defuse all of Ronnie's bullshit bombs. The last one was only 40 minutes long and you can see the article length for yourself. This one is nearly an hour long, and at first I thought it was going to be another long one.

Fortunately, this one has even less "evidence" to support it than the Noah's Ark fiasco and the review will be much shorter since most of it is bible reading and listening to Ron Wyatt speak with no evidence to support his nonsense.

So with that in mind, I present the next of Ron Wyatt's fiascoes:


0:00 - 2:55 - Standard opening bullshit

2:55 - 11:49 - The first part of this film shows a crap load of geography but absolutely no archeology. What's the difference? Well Marvel comics uses New York City as a setting for a great deal of their comics, but the existence of New York City doesn't show evidence that there is a guy in red and blue spandex swinging from rooftop to rooftop with the powers of a 6ft spider.

11:49 - 12:45 - A bunch of crosses carved into the rock. Unfortunately the cross didn't become an actual symbol for the Christian church until the 13th century so any crosses here really don't mean squat for the veracity of any of Ron Wyatt's claims. There's also a hole in the ground supposedly for Christian foot washing, because you know the Romans and the Jews would have wanted a Christian foot washing station next to the place Jesus was crucified.

12:46 - 13:30 - Here's a broken chunk of iron. It was broken off by an angel on Resurrection morning when he moved the 13 ft stone that isn't there anymore. Any evidence of the event? Nope.

13:31 - 14:42 - Now we go inside the tomb where a fairy tale is being told with absolutely no evidence to support any statement made.

14:43 - 14:55 - "So this is what we have..." Ooh would that be a steaming pile of bull cookies?

14:56 - 15:25 - More geography and more speculation without evidence.

15:26 - 16:02 - Here we have a possible place where someone might have been crucified. The video claims Jesus was done in here. Evidence? Not a shred.

16:03 - 16:31 - A "filled-in fissure" (aka naturally formed indent) is found traveling down the rock. The video connects this to when the earth trembled when Jesus was slain. Geographic evidence to support this claim? None. Why? Do you think he should?

16:32 - 23:00 - Now the video turns really silly and we are treated to a montage of story-telling and artist renderings. Photographs of the "find" will not be shown. No Shit, Sherlock! Instead the video relies entirely on Ron Wyatt's personal testimony.

23:01 - 23:26 - The video shows pictures of Ron Wyatt's excavation and claims this shows he was digging in the right area. Considering he has yet to show any evidence that Jesus was killed here, I don't think that really matters.

23:27 - 24:11 - More scripture and come pictures of cave walls. Oooooh.

24:12 - 31:14 - Ron Wyatt speaks again. Oh. Joy. Ron goes on about how he videotaped four angels opening the Ark and telling him to take the tablets and show them to the world which, for some reason, he hasn't. He also claims to have found the blood of Christ on the Ark and took it to a "lab" (with no name) where two Israeli lab workers (also with no names) found the blood of Christ had only 24 chromosomes and the dried blood was alive when it was put into a petri dish. Any evidence to support any of this ridiculous story? ZERO! I wonder if this stunt would have worked for Geraldo when he went for Al Capone's vault.

31:15 - 32:21 - More scripture and artist renderings. Oooooh.

32:22 - 35:42 - Heeeere's Ronnie! Again he professes that he has tablets of stone and video but that the evil, evil Jews are hiding them in Israel.

35:43 - 38:33 - More scripture and artist renderings. Oooooh.

38:34 - 39:13 - The video talks about Ron Wyatt's discovery of an ivory pomegranate with Hebrew writing on it that says it was for the priests of the temple of Yahweh. The video connects this to the artist rendering of the Ark because the pomegranate means resurrection. What the video doesn't say is:
  1. That the Greeks and Romans used the same icon LONG before the myth of Christ in the myth of Hades kidnapping the daughter of Demeter, Persephone. This is where the Christians got it from.
  2. The relic was NOT from the ark of the covenant dig, but supposedly from King Solomon's Temple.
  3. The writing was concluded to be a forgery.
  4. The pomegranate came from the 13th century BC and not from the time of Solomon.
Another one of Ron Wyatt's mysterious artifrauds (as opposed to an artiFACT). Too bad he didn't go looking for Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. Imagine what he could have found then.

39:14 - 40:36 - Now we see why these lies can become dangerous. More Scripture and Ron Wyatt professing that you have to ignore Man's law in order to follow God's law.

40:37 - 50:37 - Revelation prophesy, Jesus images and the narrator goes on to incite the viewer to break away from "the government" to follow God's law to avoid being given the mark of the beast. Aside from the incitement involved here, the whole mark of the Beast thing should be be a dead giveaway that Ron Wyatt is talking out of his ass. The numbers involved in the "Mark of the Beast", either 666 or the earlier 616, were references to Emperor Nero and Caligula, respectively speaking. Anyone who thinks these numbers have anything to do with modern times or even fabled end times is just talking out of their ass.


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