Monday, June 13, 2005

Democracy, My Black Ass!!.. Part 2

Democracy in Africa.. Democracy in Africa. I couldn't help notice how many times Bush used the word Democracy in his speech today after meeting with five of Africa's leaders. I also noticed that he stated that America was doing its part to bring DEMOCRACY to Africa.

Y'know, I have to give Bush a little credit for trying to reach out to Democrats, but its obvious he's doing it with the least amount of effort possible. First, he tried redefining Iraq's Theocratic government as a Democracy when it isn't. You can shave a dog, paint it orange and call it a traffic cone until you're blue in the face, but it ain't going to magically transform into a traffic cone. Second, Africa does not need America's help in establishing Democratic Parties.

In alphabetical order:

Botswana: President Festus G. MOGAE is already a member of the Botswana Democratic Party

Ghana: The government in Ghana is already a Constitutional Democracy

Mozambique: The main political pressure groups are Institute for Peace and Democracy; Etica; Movement for Peace and Citizenship; Mozambican League of Human Rights; and Human Rights and Development

Namibia: The recognized political parties are as follows: The Congress of Democrats; the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance of Namibia; the Monitor Action Group; the South West Africa People's Organization; and the United Democratic Front

Niger: the current political parties of this region are the Alliance for Democracy and Progress; the Democratic Rally of the People-Jama'a; the Democratic and Social Convention-Rahama; the National Movement for a Developing Society-Nassara; the Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Social Progress; the Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism-Tarayya; the Party for Socialism and Democracy in Niger; the Rally for Social Democracy; and the Union of Democratic Patriots and Progressives

Sorry Charlie. You can't claim a victory by bringing and ensuring Democracy in these nations when there already is Democracy there.

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