Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Breath of Polluted Air from Oxygen Network

This weekend is Father's Day weekend and if my sore, aching body allows me, I intend to show repect to my father by taking him to go see Batman Begins this afternoon. Unfortunately, there are some corporations that do not share the same respect male parental figures as I do.

Take Oxygen Network's line up this weekend, for example:

Saturday, June 18th @ 5:30 pm: Baby Boom: The story of a single mother making it on her own in Vermont.

Saturday, June 18th @ 8:00 pm: Hope Floats: A woman jilted on live television by her husband and the father of her child goes back home. Replayed @ 10 pm and again on June 19th @ 8:00 pm.

Sunday, June 19th @ 2:00 pm: Cherry: A woman jilted at the altar swears off men until she wants a baby at which time she decides to treat potential fathers like shake-n-bake pans by putting an ad out in the paper.

Sunday, June 19th @ 4:00 pm: Woman on Top: A controlling woman leaves her husband to find happiness on her own in the cooking business.

So this is it? This is the best of what this company has to offer for Father's day? Pretty trashy, if you ask me.


Sunshine said...

yes .. i agree.. people trash all kinds of things and its very wierd that they trash every thing MALE on fathers

hi! first time here!

Anonymous said...

I think it's for disgruntled moms who are at their bitterest on Father's Day. That or make certain dads not seem so bad.


As a female who doesn't overly enjoy Oxygen (except Sue Johannson), I think it's kind of funny. Like every other thing isn't paterphilic today.

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