Wednesday, June 23, 2004

This Way to The Egress

Now personally I have nothing against socialists or Marxists. Both political doctrines had a lot to offer the world in terms of economic and political reform (if it wasn't for Socialists there would be no minimum wage) and alas both were basically run into the ground by psychotic madmen looking to rule the world. Ce la vie.

The following argument is not meant as a slam towards Communism. This is a hella weapon to be used against those unenlightened few who still live in fear of the Red Menace as a deterrent to voting for Mad King George in the upcoming election. Its an illogical argument for illogical minds.

President Bu**sh**, in the past four years, has made two very noticeable changes to the economy. He has accomplished the following:

1. He has gifted massive tax cuts and allowed offshore tax shelters to the very wealthiest of people within the United States. This has made the wealthy even wealthier and created a more inaccessible divide between the upper and the middle class.

2. He has allowed utility and gasoline prices to skyrocket, which in turn has caused a blurring between the middle and lower class. Effectively creating one single working class where there was two.

The core of Marx's utopian doctrine was to eliminate the middle class (bourgeoisie) and leave everything to the working class (proletariat) and the wealthy (the elite). Ergo, these two aforementioned economic consequences has caused the US to enter into a Marxist state.

So go ahead and vote for President Bu**sh** if you want to. He has not only spit into the face of everything that Ronald Reagan had accomplished during his eight years in office, but has also handed the Communist Party a delayed victory in the Cold War.

"Not if you eliminate the third, fifth and sixth letter. Then its Red's Digest." -Colonel Flagg (M*A*S*H)

"The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win." -The Communist Manifesto

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