Friday, June 18, 2004


I am finding it really funny how the current republican administration is a lot like the Decepticon ideology. Mind you, I am speaking of the Decepticons of the 1980's, not the trans-crappers they've been pumping out in the past 6 yrs.

Decepticons want to rape the earth of its natural resources and leave it a dry war torn husk of its former self.

Decepticons have no problem stepping on the freedoms of those they claim to be lesser beings to reach their immoral objectives.

Decepticons will attempt to obliterate anyone or anything that gets in their path.

Decepticons will have two or more forms in order to travel unnoticed through the civilized world.

Decepticons will use terms like "Honor" and "Law" to lure their enemies into a false sense of security and then do anything they want when their backs are turned.

Aren't you glad we have such great leaders in the White House today?

"Peace Through Tyranny" -Megatron

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