Thursday, June 17, 2004

God is an Atheist

An Atheist is someone who does not believe in a higher being.
According to western religions, God is the highest being.
Since God is the highest being, it is impossible for God to believe in a higher being.
Therefore, God is an Atheist.

Now... some people will go on to say that surely God believes in himself. Ok... assuming God does believe in himself. So what?

Assuming God exists and that God believes in himself...
Since God is the highest being, God can not be higher than himself.
God can not believe in a higher being since there isn't one to believe in.
Ergo, God is STILL an Atheist.

The only way to prove God isn't an Atheist is to:

A. Prove God exists.
B. Prove there is a higher being above God.
C. Prove that God looks to this proven higher being as a being higher to himself.

I would like to add that by proving B fact, you will have proved that God isn’t God at all (since God is the highest being) and thus render your previous argument (or assumption), that God exists, invalid.

Have a nice day.

-A Devout Agnostic

PS.. This proof doesn't mean there isn't a God. Its just means that she isn't necessarily on YOUR side.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't need to prove part B to prove God isn't an Athiest. You would only need to prove that God believes in a superior being than herself, not definitively whether the higher being exists.

I still enjoy it though very much.

Another devout agnostic,

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