Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Jennifer Wilbanks Scandal


Bullshit. This woman has done nothing wrong. All she did was leave town for the few days and not tell anyone. And unless someone forgot to tell me that we are living in 1950's Soviet Union, I still believe that's acceptable behavior for anyone over the age of 18. The same thing goes for that college student, Audrey Seiler, who pulled the same thing one year ago. They are after all adults. They are of legal age. They have the right to travel to anywhere they want to go, at any time without reporting their movements to local or national authorities.

Was it rude for her to run out on her fiancee? Oh hell yes. Should he ask for the ring back? Probably. Should the Georgia state police demand $60,000 back for a unnecessary search? OH HELL NO! If we need to pay the police directly every time one of their investigations goes sour and they take a shot to their pride, then we might as well privatize police forces now and be done with it. Heaven forbid that I should be out getting groceries and not tell anyone. I wouldn't want to have to pay the police $20,000 because they couldn't figure out I had to go to the next town over to buy a gallon of milk.

If the police want their money back, they should be looking to get it from the media who overdramatize this crap on a daily basis in the constant hope that they will uncover the next SHOCKING SCANDAL THAT WILL GRIP THE NATION!!!

With the media overdramatizing everything, is it anyone wonder why Delay is still in office?


Anonymous said...

I just do not like silly women who feel sorry for themselves so much they have to pull a silly scam for pity. ie: Seiler. I knew Seiler was flaky just by the look in her eyes. Both Seiler and Wilbanks have probably pulled stunts like this before without recieving very much attention. Just look at Wilbanks shoplifting record and figure. Wilbanks eyes have alook of distrust to me aswell. I saw guilt in her eyes too!

Chivid said...

Yeah. Its just a hop, skip and a jump away from shoplifting to wanting to drive the nation into chaos.


Give me a break.

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