Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Its Been A While Since I've Blogged

I'm still alive, I just came across a very fucking scary revelation a few days ago about the fate of man and it just had me fucking scared shitless for the past few days.

I'm hoping its something I can get beyond. I don't like being this scared and for the first time, I'm not sure whether or not to push atheism anymore because I don't think it would be morally right for me to push others towards this possible realization either.

I wouldn't wish this concept to enter the mind of my worst enemy. Hell, I wouldn't wish it on Mad King George.

No one should have to wake up from one political nightmare to enter into a larger nightmare.

UPDATE: I'm feeling much better now. A few brainless idiots on the Yahoo message boards plus $50 worth of retail therapy will do wonders for the soulless.

1 comment:

Leah said...

Lol. Although you wouldn't wish this disturbing revelation with your worst enemy, you would share the concept with me. lol. :-)

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