Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Dead Jew on a Stick Day

This title may seem a little anti-semite, but you gotta realize that as an atheist (180 proof) not only am I anti-Christ, I am also anti-jew, anti-muslim, anti-protestant, and definitely anti-psychopathic southern "whats-the-harm-of-keeping-Terri-Schiavo-alive-in-a-
my-own-belief-structure" baptist. Basically while I live in America, I am against any deviation of the original Abrahamic supernatural political organization.. whatever the hell that may have been.

Actually Easter was taken from Oestre, the celtic/pagan holiday of fertility. To celebrate this day of sex, the ancient celtics used the two biggest symbols of fertility they could find. Those being the Egg and the Bunny. So that's where the commercialized crap comes from.

I do love those cadbury cream eggs though. Man, those things have to be on the top ten of the worst things you can ingest right up there with your basic greasy crab rangoon that you get at your local chinese buffet.

But in case you didn't get your cream egg today, I offer you these fantastic jokes about Big Pimp JC.

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