Monday, December 27, 2004

ZMG's review of Ocean's Twelve

Have you ever had the feeling when you are watching a movie and then you get that nagging sensation that you've seen the movie before?

Have you ever played with one of those kids who was playing by the rules until they started losing and then said something to the effect "well I have a time machine and I went back in time and did all this before you did." or "well I can do what you do only I'm stronger."?

Have you ever wondered how a movie studio could spend $110,000,000 without coming up with a single original idea?

Even if you answered yes to these questions I would still recommend seeing Ocean's Twelve.

Ocean's Twelve is very much like its predecessor Ocean's Eleven. There is a lot going on that you see and a lot more that you don't see. There's a beautiful ex-love interest attached to one of the main thieves who eventually finds herself with that thief again. Everyone has their roles in the "big crime" and few extra that wont come out until the end. There are always one or two people out and about who no one knows about but are still working with Ocean and his crew. Every obstacle is planned for and planned out well ahead of time and every antagonist is thoroughly screwed before they even know it.

About the only plot twist in the whole movie is that the one person who was working with the police was in fact working with the police the whole time... up until the end.

The characters would be completely forgettable if it wasn't for the first movie. If you hadn't seen the first movie, you wouldn't have known the main character's names.. which is ok if you haven't because you never really know who they are after the movie either. If it wasn't for the fact that some of these characters have very unusual personality quirks and that not all of them are white, you wouldn't be able remember any of them at all.

This is probably the most elegant popcorn movie I have ever seen though.

Final Grade: B

Seriously though, someone really needs to check the books on this film. What the hell did they spend $110 million on anyways?

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Jay said...

I think that's an interesting totally dis the movie, and then say it's worth seeing. And the thing is , you're probably right.
I think critics too often write off movies just because they're unoriginal...while this doesn't make for a great movie, when you go see a movie like Ocean's 12, you're not expecting an Oscar just want to be entertained, see some great stunts, familiar characters, and if the movie delivers that, then what's the problem?

Again, great review...I think I would actually trust your opinion!

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