Tuesday, December 07, 2004

La-Hoo Za-Her

I watch The Biggest Loser on television every week. I think this is one of the few reality tv shows I can stomach because it stars people that normally wouldn't look model-ish enough to make it onto any other reality television show. The same was true for Sci-fi's Mad Mad House.

Just like Mad Mad House, The Biggest Loser is an attempt to help people and make them better and healthier people overall. While Mad Mad House went the intellectual route, Biggest Loser goes the physical route. However, since these shows apparently can't be anything other than Survivor clones, they can't help but vote someone "off the island" every week. I think this is a really stupid idea. Its as if these shows are saying "This is the best possible place for you to evolve and grow as an individual and become and overall healthier person, so we're sending you away from this place because we couldn't possibly be intellectually secure enough try something original and actually keep people here."

Instead of shoving these people who need help off the show every week and, in the Biggest Loser's case, train people who have probably been treated like garbage for what they look like to treat others like garbage over some silly competition, they should instead just move players in and out of contention for the final prize and let people progress as they will. To me, this seems like it would be a better idea, because it keeps the people who are "voted off" around the other players so they can continue to be an influence and a constant reminder of any backstabbing that may have occured to place that individual out of the main contest.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time or easy access to the video equipment neccesary to put my own video tape together as an application for the next season of The Biggest Loser. I would have liked to get on there and shed a few dozen pounds myself.

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