Sunday, August 15, 2004

Golden Enema

A continuation of Concrete Enema

Well its about 5 days until the final exam in this concrete enema o'mine and it looks like I'm actually going to pass this one. If I got 100% on this last assignment, it will mean that I will only need about 66% on this upcoming exam to pass with an A- and keep my GPA to an acceptable level. I'm going for the gold on this one, ladies and gentlemen.

But this class hasn't been a total loss of time and sleep and I'll be darned if I didn't learn something interesting in this class. During one assignment, we were made to write out ten summaries on several essays. I did mine surrounding organizational communication within sports and I came up with something rather interesting concerning people who value athletics over education.

According to this article by Jay Coakley called Socialization and Sport, it says that during the 1960's and 1970's sociologists were trying to determine any kind of personality traits that stemmed from playing sports. They found out that interscholastic and intercollegiate athletes in the United States measured higher on personal and political conservatism and lower on political awareness than their counterparts not involved in sports. (Ogilvie & Tutko, 1971; Norton, 1971; Rehberg & Cohen, 1971; Schafer, 1971)

This explains two parts of American culture:

1. The term "Dumb Jock"
2. Why Republicans are constantly cutting back on education.

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