Sunday, September 19, 2004

ZMG's Review of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

This wasn't a bad movie but it also wasn't a great movie. If it had been great, it could have been described as a Retro-Classic. It had the look and the feel of a 1930's sci-fi pulp comic done with modern day computer graphics. The movie was very stylish but it also lacked any real combat that a movie like this should have had. For example the final shot of the movie showed an all out attack against... NO ONE. It was a very anti-climactic ending.

The plot line was decent enough. I couldn't figure out why a german rocket pad would be counting down in english, however. Small plot point.

The various creatures and robotic monsters were very well done in the beginning but as I said before, they really needed to do something with them for the end as well. They kept talking about a Doomsday device and unfortunately it wasn't nearly as threatening as they built it up to be.

Polly Perkins gets my award for the most annoying character of the year. She is as reckless as Lois Lane and has the ego of Doctor Doom. How anyone could put their own self-interest so far above the welfare of the entire world is beyond me. She might as well be running with Mad King George. When Sky Captain finally punches her in the mouth it was probably the most satisfying moment of the whole movie.

Final Grade: B

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