Thursday, October 07, 2004

Give Me Libertarian or Give Me Death

I've considered it. I've considered voting Libertarian. And I will admit, the Libertarian party has some interesting ideas. I think their views on the environment and freedom of expression and the seperation between church and state is very uplifting. Their views on censorship and personal sexual reltaionships is heartwarming when compared to the current administration.

HOWEVER... they also have a lot of other views that I do not agree with. I do NOT believe that putting more guns in the street is a way to stop gun crime. I do not share their definition as to what a "victimless crime" is. While I do believe social security is a joke, I don't believe cutting taxes in half will do anything positive for the country. I also believe their statistical analysis between crime and drug prohibition is simplistic. Their solution is to end drug prohibition and I can assure you certain drugs, like Crystal Meth, have no business ever being legal.

In addition, I like job security. I like holding onto the hope that I can get a job and make a reasonable amount of money and reach a decent standard of living without having to worry about some guy fresh from some third world country coming in and taking my job from me because he's willing to live in a mudhole with 13 of his friends and family and work for one-tenth of my salary. Call me a socialist, but I feel the time and effort you put into an organization should mean something to that group and should not be thrown away at the drop of a hat.

To me it seems that they want to try and promote personal responsiblity by creating the most socially irresponsible environment. While it may seem promising at first, their world vision reminds me of the mining towns I see crumble into social-economic chaos on the History Channel.

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