Saturday, July 17, 2004

Terror Alert Level: Fuchsia

Is it me, or are the people who oppose Gay marriage among the dumbest people on the face of the planet? The one arguement I hear that doesn't stem from bible-humping losers is that Marriage is a sacred institution. Sacred institution? Are you fucking kidding me?
Sacred institution, my black ass! Marriage is a goddamn GAME SHOW!
Married by America!? Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire!? Who Wants to Marry My Dad!? The Bachelor!? The Bachelorette!? Temptation Island!? My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee!? Wife Swap!? Outback Jack!?
Marriage isnt an institution! Its a ratings spike! In addition to that, the average marriage today (with straight people, of course) lasts only five years. FIVE YEARS! Thats not long enough to raise a child to the age where he can learn how to ride a bike. That's pathetic.
...and so of course seeing how straight people treat their "sacred institution", its only logical for them to want to keep homosexuals out of it because allowing homosexuals to marry might give marriage a bad name. OH PLEASE!! I guess they feel they have to protect the sanctity of all those drive-thru marriage chapels in Las Vegas.
ZMG: "God? Why are your followers so mindless?"
God: "I don't know, George."
ZMG: "My name's not George, God."
God: "I'm sorry, George." 

A couple days ago, I saw this perfect example of anti-gay idiocy. This religious nutsack was sitting on stage telling the world how he had been gay for several years. He had seen his friends die and buried because of AIDS and then found religion.. and turned away from the "evils" of homosexuality.
SIDE NOTE: I really want to know why it is that these religious whackjobs always find God right when they are at the bottom of the barrel? Its never the people who are already doing well, or the moderate joe. Its always some shlep at the end of his rope. Isn't it strange how this ideology just latches onto people at their weakest emotional and mental state and just throws them in for a double rinse in the brainwashing cycle?
Anyway, back to the straight plan for the gay man. This toad was sitting here talking about how this wonderful woman sitting by his side had been praying for him for two years and then they were married. MARRIED. The same guy. This guy who was taking a size 10 mansteak in his backdoor for more than a decade was allowed to get married. He was allowed to get married because he wasn't gay anymore. How utterly pathetic is this? This white-washed dildo who couldn't handle the stress of watching less responsible members of his sexual orientation die of AIDS, so he decides to change his identity in order to not deal with the situation.
This, my friends, is no different than that one guy in M*A*S*H who psychologically turned himself into Jesus because he couldn't stand the horrors of the war. This man couldn't stand watchign his gay friends die of AIDS in the 80's so he turned himself into a straight Christian Warrior to protect and remove himself from the AIDS epidemic. He doesn't need a wife and kids, he needs a padded cell.
But I digress, this same individual is allowed to be married when he loved a woman, but when he was in love with another man, he wasn't. That makes no sense to me.
"Kill a man, but don't kiss him." -Robert Preston; Victor/Victoria (1982)

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Tamzilla said...

Your black ass? Is there something I don't know? [laughs]

So what if two hoohoodillies come together at night, or two chachas? Whooptyfreakindo. If memory serves, the first couple in SF to get married was a lesbian couple who had been together for around 50 years. 50 YEARS!!!! My STRAIGHT parents didn't even make it to 24 years! (My dad made it to 30 if you count ALL of his marriages, but that's another subject for another time...).

I completely agree with your comments that "marriage is a goddamn GAME SHOW!" (Golly there's a lot of shouting in my post.) Famous people don't help, of course. J.Lo? What the fuck is that monstrosity? And Britney Spears? She just got married in January for a whopping 55 hours, and she's about to do it again! "Oops...I did it again" indeed.

Perhaps as a result of having divorced parents and growing up with an example of how marriage should not be practiced, I do think that marriage is sacred, but also that anyone should be able to enter into it as long as the two individuals are completely dedicated to making the relationship work. I think the key is to find someone you love completely, settle down, maybe have some kids, and stick by that person through thick and thin and cancer and all that, and be an adult. That's what people forget, I think--that marriage is for adults, and it's serious. Sadly, I think that, perhaps, you need to be denied the "right" to marry to realize how very special and serious an institution it is. (And this is coming from someone who cut off an engagement because she realized that she didn't love the person enough to stick around forever.)

If Dubya and his winged monkey minions want to do anything to protect marriage, they should make introduce legislation that makes it harder to get a divorce. If divorces are harder to get, would both J.Lo and Britney marry their backup dancers? Doubtful. But look at the divorce rates of Republican politicans vs. Democrat politicians. The very people pissing and moaning about how gays violate and degrade the institution of marriage are the ones who violate and degrade the institution most.

You know what it comes down to? Fundamentalism. Religion. Having one's head up one's own ass (if it's up another's, and then you're a dirty fornicator and/or gay, and that simply can't be, now can it?), trusting a book that was written before the advent of refridgeration to provide moral and scientific guidance.

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